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Healthy, Thinner, Fit You!

Next Step Fitness is Omaha’s unique personal training studio with private training spaces and not your typical open plan gym.

At Next Step Fitness we focus on our clients as individuals – not as a part of a group, not based on an age or weight class. We evaluate each private personal training client, learn about their goals, their physical condition, any special needs or limitations and design a training program that is designed to permit each client to meet their goals – within a reasonable time – safely.

We specialize in private one-on-one personal training but are happy to work with small groups of family or friends. We’ll keep your training fresh and fun. Our goal is to make your training the best part of your day. Put in the work and you’ll see the results – weight loss, flexibility, strength, endurance…

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How we help

Our first object is to assess your physical condition, your health, weight and fitness goals. We accomplish this in your initial fitness assessment. Then, your expert fitness trainer will develop a plan, using exercises and an exercise program customized to you and your weight and fitness goals.

Leveraging our trainers and owner’s years of experience and varied backgrounds, we provide a very personalized and private experience, free of judgment and intimidation that might be experienced in a regular gym or group fitness program. Our expert personal fitness trainers will guide you to reach your wellness goals by offering access to training and various resources that help you get fit at your pace.