Getting Through A Crippling Stroke

“Your Mom probably will not walk again.” This was a statement made to my son after my stroke which paralyzed my left arm, left leg and foot.

I had been working out at Next Step Fitness (and its predecessor Fitness Together) for a couple of years before my stroke. But, since I was born at a time when girls’ sports were limited – and were certainly not emphasized, I did not fully invest in my personal workouts. Having a crippling stroke was more than a wake up call – it was life threatening. And potentially permanently disabling – that is what the doctors’ initial impression was. The potential of never walking again is beyond horrific.

I did, however, improve from my stroke. And, I appreciate the care and attention that the Next Step Fitness team devoted to me while I was in the hospital and in rehab.

After a period of rehab during which the therapists worked diligently but were not able to get me to walking again. I was still in a wheelchair most of the time when I returned to working out at Next Step Fitness. At that point, I was determined to do whatever I could to get my body (and my life) back. Next Step Fitness took over after rehab and I credit Next Step Fitness with going the extra mile to help me to walk again. Kerry and his team created an atmosphere and a program that supported me emotionally and strengthened me physically so they helped create the miracle that helped me walk again.

After my stroke, when I returned to Next Step Fitness, I could not lift a 1 lb. weight and now I’m lifting 8 pounds and my batwings are gone! And, did I mention that I’m walking again?

When I was growing up, no one talked about weight lifting for girls. As I age, I realize how important weightlifting and balance training is.

And, did I mention that I’m walking again?

M.E. Johnson