My Life Could Have Been Very Different Had I Not Been Working Out

I’ve been working out with Kerry and his team since April 2015. I joined after I first saw the television commercials that were running at the time. I was interested in returning to a gym, having gone to several gyms off and over the course of the prior 20+ years. Of particular interest to me was the one-on-one personal training.

As an 80-year old woman with diagnosed osteoporosis, Next Step Fitness has given me a lot more confidence. The trainers have helped me greatly improve my flexibility, strength and agility. Next Step Fitness has also helped me with balance – which is very important to me since I always fear falling. And, I am able to get up and down with ease. I generally workout with Kerry and cannot say enough good things about him. I like that he is not a kid and can work well with people my age. But, in these many years, I’ve worked out with every trainer at one point or another. I have found all the trainers to be personable and interested in my specific issues and my workout – offering suggestions and critiquing me to make sure that each exercise is done correctly. The workouts are customized according to areas of the body – strengthening – upper body.

Over the course of these years, Kerry and his team have seen me through various health issues. (Yes, I have fallen.) At one point, I was vacationing in Las Vegas and, while rushing to catch a taxi, I fell and fractured a knee cap and ankle. Kerry and his team helped me recover from that. I’ve slipped on the ice and fallen (is there anyone in Nebraska who hasn’t?) but not broken anything. And for that, I thank Next Step Fitness for helping me build up protective muscle to cushion my fall. And, most recently, I did fall and break a hip. But, I’ve recovered and am back working out at Next Step Fitness.

Had I not been working out consistently, I can say that my life at 80 could have been very different. As it is, I am free to live my life.

I definitely recommend Next Step Fitness to people my age – and definitely for everyone who is younger or older, for that matter. It is the best personal training I have ever had and over the last 30+ years I have had quite a few training experiences.

Bonnie N. October 2022